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The GYMClub Mentorship™

The GYMClub Mentorship™ (GYMClub) is a daily male-only after school mentoring programme which includes schoolwork monitoring, academic reinforcement and enrichment sessions, life skills mastermind sessions, sports and arts awareness and personal mastery groupwork sessions. The first of its kind, GYMClub exposes the young male to enterprising individuals, professionals and peers, in a mentor-rich, positive and nurturing environment on a regular basis. This allows the young to learn and emulate universal shared values by regular practice.

The GYMClub Mentorship

Programme Details

Name of Programme

The GYMClub Mentorship™

  • To partner families while parents work at ease through regular mentorship programmes
  • To create alternative positive learning environments for students after school, maximize potentials through role modeling and daily practice of success habits
  • To implement activities that maximize potentials
  • To inculcate values in successful individuals
  • To facilitate stronger bonding between student and parent and/or other family members
Lead School

The IMPETUS School of Personal Mastery, The Experitas Academy

Programme Type

Lifeskills Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Guardianships

Target Participants

Male Students from 10 years old to maturity


The GYMClub Mentorship™ after-school programme aims to provide opportunities for students to practise success habits, guided by our qualified teachers and coaches. Our intended impact - students maximize their potentials via several structured personal development strategies.

GYMClub aims to keep kids and youths meaningfully occupied after school. This programme allows the student to interact with peers and mentors, who will harness and advocate more teachable moments to the student.

What's Special

Exposure to alternative positive environments

This is not the ordinary after-school care programme that you can find in the market. Since the whole purpose of this initiative is to expose the young individual to alternative positive environments, participants get to interact with mentors doing their volunteer work, developing their small business or simply doing other positive deeds. This is a fresh approach to the standard centres where teachers teach and kids mingle with one another. Studies have shown that when the young interacts with someone older whom they respect as their mentors, the engagement is more effective than when they mingle with their peers.

Afterall, it takes a kampung to educate a child.

Open concept

In our small setup, we engage young adults as protege tertiary students, entrepreneurs and professionals. These success-driven individuals regularly visit our centre to participate in personal development activities or networking. Some of these young enterprising individuals are even based at the academy just to be immersed in the 'progressive' mood. Participants of our mentorship programmes get to interact with these personalities who are mentors themselves, and learn from them.

Buddy System

Every participant will be able to choose a buddy or a small group of buddies. Participants will learn how to reflect and discuss life issues in the form of mastermind groups and roleplays.


Each participant will be given personal development worksheets and videos. Each of these worksheets allow them to explore critical components of their life and even their personal interests. These worksheets will form part of their personal development plan. Our mentors regularly go through each plan and address stumbling blocks that hinder their development in all areas of their life.


We recognise the different needs of the individuals. Based on demand, we design our programmes according to specific requirements. For example, in our Islamic mentorship programme, we inculcate daily salahs, or prayers, and incorporate Islamic knowledge into our programmes.


12 months

Mentorship Hours

During public school term

Monday - Friday 2pm - 7pm

Other timings may be considered though additional fees may apply.


Basic Component: Homework Monitoring, Academic Reinforcement, Academic Enrichment

WOW Component: WOW stands for Wonders of the World. Participants learn to be aware of global perspective of life, starting with their own self-perception.

Every GYMClub™ participant has the opportunity to go through the following WOW (Wonders of the World) sessions (depending on needs):

  • Personal C-VAT Character Profiling
  • Personal Development Plan - Integrated Development Plan to Happiness (INDEPTH™)
  • Personal Mastery Training - The IMPETUS Principles™ | a series of workshops and groupwork sessions that promote values and skills for the 21st century (including social emotional learning, multiple intelligence, resilience, adaptability, innovation and creativity), Sense of Purpose
  • THEMES OF LIFESTYLE EXCELLENCE - a series of at least 10 themes, or potential areas of excellence for the well-rounded individual, making the programme a holistically comprehensive development initiative | Career Awareness, Sports Awareness, Arts Awareness, Education Awareness, Financial Awareness, Interest-based Awareness and Exploration Activities, Family Awareness, Entrepreneurial Awareness and 4 other themes
  • Academic coaching - Learning how to learn
  • Life coaching - Learning how to live based on IMPETUS™ skills
  • Brain Games & Training - Neoroscience activities for kids and young adults
  • Behaviour Modification Programme - System for Personal Management, Change & Effectiveness PERMANENCE™
  • DRIVE™ | Documentation, Retrospection, Illumination and Validation of Experience

30 students


Presently, GYMClub™ is available at the following premise:

Northern Singapore
Suite Experitas @A'Posh BizHub
1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-25
Singapore 768160

$250 per month

If you are a parent interested to send your loved one to our centre, or if you are a centre operator interested to run our programme, do email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Achmad Fadzil

Achmad Fadzil

Programme Leader
Salleh Ikhsan

Salleh Ikhsan

Programme Administrator
Muhd Hairi

Muhammad Hairi

Programme Co-Leader
Sahri Jumaat

Sahri Jumaat

Youth Leader & Mentor

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