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Script.Write.Think™ is a series of scriptwriting workshops organised by the Dilovia Kahil School of Writing at The Experitas Academy. The first of the series is entitled "7 Steps to be a Successful Scriptwriter".

Scriptwriting Workshop

About This Programme

Name of Programme

7 Steps to be a Successful Scriptwriter

  • To share scriptwriting experiences in the Indonesian entertainment industry
  • To share the basics of scriptwriting
  • To share the 7 steps to be a successful scriptwriter
  • To identify scriptwriters who have the potential to be a member of the Dilovia Kahil creative team for upcoming projects
  • To establish and grow a community of regional writers based in Singapore
Lead School

Dilovia Kahil School of Writing, The Experitas Academy

Programme Type

Scriptwriting Workshop + Mentoring + Direct Career Opportunities

Target Participants


Language of

Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Indonesia

About the Trainer
Henovia Rosalinda

HENOVIA Rosalinda has written at least 1500 episodes of TV scripts including soap operas (sinetron) and telemovies (FTV) aired on TransTV, Trans7, Indosiar, RCTI, SCTV and many other major TV stations in Indonesia with a captive audience of at least 240 million.

She is the head writer for Setulus Kasih Ibu, Hafizah, Anak Menteng, Mak Ijah Pengen ke Mekah, Kami Rindu Ayah (mengenang Ustaz Jefri) and also co-wrote Cinta Fitri, Manohara and many others.

  • Participant is able to learn more about the general Indonesia entertainment industry.
  • Participant is able to learn the basics of scriptwriting.
  • Participant is aware of scriptwriting opportunities.
  • Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm the finalised programme modules.
Who Should Attend
  • Anyone who has the interest to explore scriptwriting but with no experience and no idea how to go about doing it
  • Anyone of any age, race, creed and gender and mature
  • Anyone who has scriptwriting experience and intends to explore regional markets
  • Anyone who is able to read and write in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Anyone who is exploring career options as screenwriters, story editors, staff writers, directors and producers
  • One day workshop 9am - 5pm
    2 x 3-hour evening sessions from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
  • 10 hours of post workshop distance mentoring over 6 months

10 participants

Workshop Date

To be confirmed

Closing Date

To be confirmed


Presently, the tentative locations are (subjected to changes):

Central Singapore
8 Raffles Avenue #03-01 Esplanade
Singapore 039802
Northern Singapore
Suite Experitas @A'Posh BizHub
1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-25
Singapore 768160
Programme Fees

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm the finalised fee schedule.

What's Special

Opportunity to collaborate as part of our regional creative team

This is not the ordinary scriptwriting course. After the course, participants have the opportunity to work with Henovia's creative team (Dilovia Kahil) on upcoming projects in the region or even pitch your own story. If this happens, your name will be featured on our website as one of our writers or collaborative writers.

Working as a team is more rewarding as there are others who are more familiar with target audience other than Singapore's, in terms of local language, culture and trends. As a team, it is also less challenging to accomplish our objectives in certain projects like soap operas, as we need to achieve certain tasks based on a strict timeline. If you are diligent, it is highly possible that you recover your investment within a short time.

More personal interactions

As we work in small teams, there are opportunities for more personal interactions as we work towards getting your work featured. Private discussions after the workshop is common when working towards the completion of a collaborative project.

Post-workshop mentoring

While we share with you the basics of scriptwriting in class, the real training is when you are out there pitching and writing for real production houses and TV stations. This is why we structure the programme in such a way that you really get true experience apart from in-class training through our free 10-hour (in total) mentoring approach. Like other scriptwriting course, this is not a guarantee that you will get a job. But unlike others, at least, we are committed to do our best to mentor you so you can get literally and literarily involved in our projects.

Scriptwriter Support System

As a participant, you are entitled to one-year free access to online scriptwriting resources which include successful pitches and scripts, a support forum, networking with regional industry players and interviews (coming soon).

For more details, do email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Henovia Rosalinda

Henovia Rosalinda

Programme Leader
Achmad Fadzil

Achmad Fadzil

Programme Administrator
Salleh Ikhsan

Salleh Ikhsan

Programme Administrator
Amin Ibrahim

Amin Ibrahim

Programme Administrator
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